Sport – Coverage


Football is a strong feature at Greentrees. Year 5 and 6 are part of a football league with other local primary schools. The football team also represent the school at local competitions. This year the 3 & 4 team came third overall after some outstanding performances at the annual festival held at the Laverstock schools. We also have Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching coaches support us in the delivery of our PE with a key focus on developing football.

Tag rugby

Greentrees will soon begin training for the Tag Rugby Festival that takes place in January.


In primary schools, ‘High Fives’ is played to enable the children to benefit from a rotating squad to allow them to experience all positions on the pitch. Over the last few years, Greentrees have participated in the cluster competitions. This year the team came third overall which was a fantastic achievement.


Year 5 children attended a Tri-Golf competition in the first term. This was well attended and children developed skills in a new area. They represented the school with pride!


Year 5 and 6 children are currently preparing for an upcoming festival. We look forward to hearing how they get on.


Each year a team of pupils from Greentrees represent the school in this annual activity. This gives all children the opportunity to participate in a sports event that they may not have tried before. It also provides cross-curricular links when children are developing their map reading skills. At a recent event at Hare Warren, the Year 5 group came fourth!

Golden Mile

Last year the Golden Mile initiative was hugely successful at Greentrees. Children are encouraged to complete a series of laps around the ball court/school playground, with the aim of running continuously for 3/4 minutes. We have decided to continue to implement this initiative again this academic year, with the hope of continued success.


The Golden Mile initiative is being used to prepare the children for the Mini Marathon event which takes place in May. Last year our pupils performed exceptionally well, with several stand out performances. This is a major local competition involving many teams from the Salisbury and district area and each race is contested by several hundred athletes.


The children participate in athletic events in the summer term. Last year, children from KS2 represented the school at the Quad Kids event.

Kwik cricket

There will be Kwik Cricket tournaments in the summer term. Greentrees will be hoping to replicate the success of last year!


There will be a Rounders competition in the summer term for the Year 4 and 5 children. This is being re-introduced to provide another opportunity for children to represent the school and demonstrate their skills.


There will be a tennis festival for Year 3 and 4 children at a local tennis club. We will begin training for this in the Spring Term.

Change for Life

Play time clubs are run by MDSAs and children are encouraged to participate on a regular basis.


At Greentrees we offer a range of sporting extracurricular activities. Premier Sport offer a gymnastics club at the Infant site which is well attended. A local football organisation called Pezzaz run a football club on a Tuesday and Wednesday at both sites. They use a weighted ball to encourage the development of their control and skills.

Greentrees staff also run a football, hockey and netball club on a weekly basis.