Learning to Learn

Greentrees is a ‘Learning to Learn’ School

At Greentrees Primary School, we have a ‘Charter for Learning’. This describes the Golden Standards that we strive to achieve in all that we do.

Relationships are positive – all are valued and shown respect.

The curriculum is innovative, stimulating, motivating and challenging.

There is a shared understanding of learning.

There is good teamwork and communication.

Everyone knows that they can achieve success.

We celebrate diversity.

We hope that by achieving these Golden Standards, children will become self motivated life-long learners, who understand how to learn, and have a range of strategies to support their learning. We believe that every member of the community is a learner, and that adults can model learning behaviours for children.

Building Learning Power

In particular, we try to develop four aspects of children’s learning:

 Resilience – being able to lock on to learning (perseverance, managing distractions, noticing, absorption).

 Resourcefulness – being able to learn in different ways (questioning, making links, reasoning, imagining).

 Reflectiveness – being able to become more strategic about learning (planning, distilling, revising).

 Reciprocity – being able to learn alone and with others (imitation, interdependence, empathy and listening, collaboration).

These dispositions help children to increase their learning capacity.