Fantastic Filmmakers

The Year 3 classes ‘Parrots’ and ‘Toucans’ will once again produce a film as part of their ‘Mega Movie Makers’ topic. See below for last year’s information.


Secret Machine – The Extinct Event

Thank you to everyone that came to the premiere at the Salisbury Arts Centre, it was a great success and the children loved it!


Throughout the term we looked at incorporating the theme across all subjects, here are some examples of what we did:

English – We wrote our own stories based around the idea of having a time machine. We then turned these into scripts.

MathsWe recorded our own data from different films (length of film, shots etc…). We then put the information into graphs.

ScienceWe looked at how important sound and light are in film. We talked about how they both travel and how we might use them in our film.

ComputingWe learnt how to use iMovie to create films. We filmed, edited and exported our own tours of the school before making the final film.

Geography – We looked at different film locations around the world and why they were chosen. We added these to world maps and discussed where our film might be shot.

HistoryWe looked at what historical events have been depicted in films and how they might have been exaggerated to make the film more exciting.

Music We looked at how music is used in films to create different moods and to build excitement and anticipation for the viewer.

Art & DT – We created our own storyboards for each scene. We also built props and sets for the final film.


How we got there (Step by Step):

  1. We wrote stories in English based around the idea of a time machine.
  2. We then turned these stories into scripts.
  3. After that we all applied for one of the following roles in the film.
    • Marketing Team
    • Video Editor
    • Actor
    • Cameraman
    • Set Design
    • Storyboard Artist
    • Costume Design
  4. Actors learnt their lines.
  5. Storyboard artists drew each scene.
  6. Costume design create their mood boards.
  7. Set Design created props.
  8. Marketing team booked the venue and produced tickets.
  9. Actors and Cameramen filmed the scenes.
  10. Video editors put it all together.









Well done to all the Year 3s, you have all had an important role to play in this film and have worked extremely hard!

Mr. Thomas