In Lions our teacher is Mrs. Futcher. Our teaching assistants are Mrs. Guyo and Mrs. Durk.

Learner of the Week: 

Lions: Our learner of the week is Suman for his outstanding comuputing – well done Suman!

In Lions, we will be sharing our reading related activities on Friday 24th May – please make sure you bring your completed tasks to share.

We are delighted to announce that every child in Lions’ class has now been awarded their ‘Pen Licence’. Well done to everybody for their excellent efforts in handwriting!

Golden Mile Certificate achieved this year:

Ben – Gold

Maddie – Silver

Jack – Silver

Ethan – Gold

Autumn – Silver

Josh – Gold

Nick – Gold

Mason – Gold

Jed – Gold

Bronte – Gold

Ethan C-H Gold

Rishi – Gold

Adam -Gold

Alfie – Gold

Maisie – Gold


Teampoint charts achieved this year:

Joel – Platinum

Ben – Star Pupil

Autumn – Silver

Anysha – Gold

Ethan – Superstar

Tarian – Gold

Keeley – Outstanding

Cheryl – Super Gold

Bronte –  Super Gold

Rachel – Superstar

Adam – Super Gold

Mason – Gold

Suman – Super Gold

Nick – Gold

Jed – Super Gold

Alfie – Diamond

Jed – Platinum

Ethan D – Outstanding

Ethan – Platinum

Rishi – Platinum

Anysha – Super Gold



This term the children are learning words from the year 5/6 word list that they have not yet completed.


Summer Term Topic: Film Fanatics  (Summer terms 1 &2)

English: We will be looking at film narratives and using these to inspire our writing.  

Maths: We will be learning about adding and subtracting decimal numbers. 

Science: We are going to be exploring materials and their properties. 

Geography: We are learning about Rivers and the Water Cycle.

Computing: We are making a film. 

PSHE: We are learning about relationships. 

Art/Design: We will be creating artwork related to our film. 

Music: We are going to be learning how to play the cornet.

P.E: We will be looking at developing social skills through sport.

French: Each term we will learn some songs and rhymes and listen to some stories. We will continue to learn French sounds to help with our listening, speaking and writing. This term we will learn about how to tell the time and to describe the weather. Later this term we will learn about names of parts of the body and our clothes. We will also learn about adjectives of size.



Home Learning:

You should complete one piece a week from the selection below. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Reading Related Activities Book:
This book will be sent home after the first few weeks.  From then on it stays at home and we ask children to try to complete one activity per week.



Maths Passports:
Next to each skill, there are three columns to date (MM/YY). The first box is for the pupil to date when they think they have achieved the skill. The second box is for an adult at home to date when they have seen the child achieve this skill. The third box is for the teacher to use when they have verified that the skill has been achieved.

Below is a link to a Maths Passports Guide that we use in all year groups to ensure that Passport Skills are assessed consistently across the school. This resource should help you to assess each of the skills as they would be in the classroom. Where there is reference made to an ‘attached task’, these are also included here to help you.
Maths Passports Guide
Maths Passport Attached Tasks


Lions have P.E on a Wednesday and Thursday.
Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing on these days.



We change our reading books whenever you have finished your book. Please ask Mrs Futcher, Mrs Guyo or Mrs Durk if you can change your book. 


Useful Links/ Websites:
Spellings – Spelling Section from the 2014 English National Curriculum
Grammar – Grammar Section from the 2014 English National Curriculum English – Topmarks – Spelling and Grammar games. Your child has a login for – this is a useful tool for improving grammar skills. 
Maths – 
Mathletics – Your child’s login details are stuck inside their Reading Record.

Maths – Topmarks – Practise your number skills here.