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Our teacher is Miss Hannah Mansell and our teaching Assistant is Mrs Charlie Boardman.

Term 3

English (with Topic)

In English, we will be learning the story of The Chocolate Tree – an ancient Mayan folktale. We will then use this to innovate and reinvent our own version using the topic learning that we will do alongside this.

Our topic this term is The Mayans. We will be learning to: place key events in time in a historical sequence; investigate the Mayan Civilisation and find where the Mayans lived; investigate Mayan Gods and religion; investigate how the Mayan number system works; investigate famous explorers who discovered the Mayan Civilisation; investigate Mayan writing and; investigate Mayan food and cooking.


We will be continuing with our spellings in preparation for secondary school by using the No Nonsense Spelling scheme.









This term, we will begin by looking at algebra. We will learn how to find a one-step and two-step algebraic rule, using an algebraic rule, solving problems involving algebra and finding pairs of values.

We will then move onto converting units of measure looking specifically at metric measure, converting metric measure, calculating with metric measure, converting between miles and kilometres and imperial measures.

Finally, we will be looking at measurement, area and volume. We will be learning how to calculate the area and perimeter or regular and compound shapes, finding the area of a triangle and a parallelogram and calculating the volume of a cuboid.



In Science, our topic is ‘Animals including humans’. We will be learning about the blood and circulatory system, healthy eating and digestion.

Last term, we went on a trip to Intech Science Museum in Winchester. Here are some photos from our visit:


We will be studying Hinduism and why some religions believe in life after death. 


Our Jigsaw topic this term is ‘Healthy Me’. We will be thinking about making healthy choices; having a balanced diet; the importance of being physically active; ensuring that we know how to keep ourselves and other safe; being a good friend; enjoying friendships and; knowing how to keep calm and deal with difficult situations.

Art/ DT

This term, we will be doing some Mayan inspired weaving for DT.


We will be using our Music Scheme of Work, Chiranga.


We will be continuing with our Real PE scheme of work. Our PE days are Monday’s and Thursday’s. Please have your kit on these days and ensure that it is weather appropriate – we will go outside as much as we can!


Our learning is based around using technology safely which will tie in with our PSHE. 


This term we will learn some more songs and rhymes and listen to some more stories. We will continue to learn French sounds to help with our listening, speaking and writing. We will learn about a supermarket and revising how to express preferences and give reasons for our opinions. After half term we will learn about seasons and transport. We will learn to describe how we travel/led in present and past tenses.

SATs meeting information

Please click the link to access the PowerPoint which was used at the SATs information evening on Monday 3rd December 2018.

SATs information evening



Learner of the Week

Our Learner of the Week is Thomas M for his incredible persuasive letter!



Team Points


Silver – Harry

Gold – Katherine, Rida, JP, Summer

Super gold

Platinum – Charlotte

Diamond – Emily, Alexandra

Star pupil – Evie

Super star – Mia, Rosetta

Outstanding – Jacob

Greentrees Giant –


Maths Passports

 Congratualtions go to:

Summer, Anika, Jacob, Neve, Mia, Rida, Rosetta, Evie, Alex, Kodi, Melvin, Charlie, Thomas D, Ben, Alexandra, Rihanna, Andy, Levi, Oscar, Katherine, Michaela, Harry and JP!


Here are some photos of our trip to London.





Home Learning

Home Learning – Term 1-4

We will be setting a range of home learning activities which the children should complete each week. There is a step up in expectations, as we feel that this is good preparation for secondary school. It will also help to prepare the children for end of Key Stage 2 testing.

Each child has be given a Homework Diary where they can write down instructions or make notes. It is also a place where parents may comment on any specific problems.

English/ SPAG

Each child will be given an English related activity to complete each week. This may be a reading comprehension task, or a grammar, punctuation and spelling task. The work will be set on a Monday and should be completed and returned to school on the Thursday of the same week. Children are also expected to read at least 5 times per week and should record their reading in the homework diary, rather than in a reading record book. They should try to read a range of text for enjoyment and to support learning. Children should continue to learn spellings from the Y5/6 word list and will bring home 6 targeted spellings each week to learn for their test on Friday.


Each child will be given a log in for SPAG.com where they can access activities to support their learning in Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation.


In year 6, children will be set a few specific maths activities to complete using the Mathletics program every week. These activities will be set on a Wednesday, with an expectation that they are completed by the following Wednesday, and will relate to our learning in maths lessons. It is also important that children continue to learn multiplication and division facts, and are encouraged to use maths in a range of practical situations at home. Try these multiplcation games at home!

Maths Passports

We have a Maths Passports box in our classroom. Remember to put your passport in the box if there is something you feel you have achieved. Next to each skill, there are three columns to date (MM/YY). The first box is for the pupil to date when they think they have achieved the skill. The second box is for an adult at home to date when they have seen the child achieve this skill. The third box is for the teacher to use when they have verified that the skill has been achieved. If your passport is in the box, we will be able to verify that you have achieved that skill and tick it off!

Home Learning Autumn 2

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Grammar Section from the 2014 English National Curriculum

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