Welcome to the Orang-utans’ class page

We are a Year 1 class with 30 children. Our Teacher is Mr Meatcher and our Teaching Assistants Mrs Hughes & Miss Butcher. Our page shows activities that we have been doing each month.

This term in Orang-utan’s Class:

In Maths we shall be sorting, grouping and counting objects. The children will be writing and reading numbers, forwards and backwards, starting at any number 0 to 10. In our daily No Nonsense Maths lessons we shall be finding and saying 1 more or 1 less than any number initially to 10 and then 20. Later in the term we shall be introducing the mathematical symbols = < and > so that we can compare groups and numbers. We will look at ordinal numbers in everyday situations and throughout the term we will be using numberlines, beadstrings and a variety of manipulatives. We shall also be exploring addition and subtraction so that the children can apply their knowledge.

In phonics we shall continue to practise segmenting and blending words containing adjacent consonants and learnt digraphs. We shall be doing this through games and reading and writing challenges in our daily phonics sessions. We will continue to practise tricky words and the children will benefit from reading and writing these at home in order to make good progress.
In English we shall be exploring traditional tales and learning The Gingerbread man story, through actions and speech. This will enable the children to retell the story and make changes in order to write their own versions. We shall also interview characters and write descriptions and interviews. Alongside these activities the children will explore books and games based on the Traditional Tales as they are expected to be able to retell a number of the tales.

In Science we will be exploring the school environment and looking at the plants that grow on the field, in the copse, in the senses garden and in and around the pond. We shall make collections and name the parts of the plants that we find. Linking to our English topic we shall make and experiment with gingerbread observing what happens when we put it in different liquids such as oil and water. We have started a whole school year enquiry and we will be tracking seasonal change by studying a lime tree in the school grounds. We are also hoping to find the answers to some questions that the children have asked such as; what do the seeds of the lime tree look like? What animals or creatures live on the tree? How tall is the tree? Do the leaves stay green all year round?

Our topic this term is life in Victorian times. This topic has begun really well and as you can see from the pictures below we had a great day experiencing life as a Victorian at The Priest House Museum where we did the washing using a tin barrel, a posser, a dolly stick and carbolic soap! We also made peg dolls, lemonade, toast, flour biscuits and some of us even learnt to light the range. In our classroom we have a Victorian roleplay area where we can dress up as a Victorian, polish the silver, play Shove Ha’penny and use a carpet beater to clean the carpet. We have also sorted objects into old and modern.

In Spanish we have been learning about Spanish traditions, the royal family, greetings and the Spanish flag.

Our TGIF Topic this term is the 100th anniversary of World War 1, the children will be writing poems, making poppies and learning about the people who fought in the war.

Celebrations in Orangutans
Our Learner of the Week last week was: Ruby for her Victorian painting.
Team Point certificates given out this term: Kalexx (Bronze)
Mathletics Certificates given out this term: Nathan (Bronze)

Home Learning
We have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man using actions and expression.

Useful Links for Home:
KS1 curriculum Link:
Mathletics: https://uk.mathletics.com/primary
Phonics play: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk