Welcome to the Treefrogs’ Class Page

We are a Foundation Stage class. Our Teacher is Miss Eyers (Mrs Mel Eyers-Gibbs) and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Zoe Farr and Mrs Debs Wilkinson. Our page shows activities that we have been doing each month, which are included in our ongoing ‘Learning Journeys.’

This week in Treefrogs Class: (Week beginning 3rd December):

We have been learning the sounds: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f and l in phonics and segmenting and blending with phonics fairy. We have also been learning the story of ‘Greedy Jack.’

We have been counting accurately with Maths Wizard and using all the resources in the maths area and naming and describing 2D shapes. We have been learning the terms ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ with sets of objects and ‘longer, shorter and taller’ when measuring. We have introduced learning about ‘1 more’ and ‘1 less.’

On Friday we set up our classroom ready for Advent – the lead up to Christmas. See the photos below. Our Santa’s Workshop will be open next week. We have been learning the Christmas songs ready for our play ‘Lights, Camel, Action.’

We have been learning about the artist Mondrian, using Primary colours, and colour mixing.

We have had a lot of fun using the outside area and are brilliant at tidying it up.

We are developing confidence in getting changed for P.E and listening to instructions in the hall and outside. We are great at balancing and moving in different ways.

Outdoor learning on Fridays has now finished until January.


Our Learner of the Week this week is : Kiki, for her brilliant new story map of ‘Greedy Kiki.’

Certificates given out this term: Who will be the first to achieve their Bronze certificate?

Maths Passports given out this term: Who will be the first to achieve their Great Britain passport? 


We are looking forward to learning about the following things this Autumn term:

  • Our topic about ‘Colours’ and Christmas.
  • Outdoor learning, using the little playground daily and a school grounds session once a week.
  • Phonics: Phase 2 letter sounds
  • Reading and spelling words on our frog, panda, tiger and butterfly card and character names from the stories.
  • Maths: Counting to 10 and beyond, recognising numbers, ordering numbers, naming and recognising shapes, measuring height and length.
  • Birthday Role Play Area and Christmas-themed area.
  • Using our computer and laptops to try out different programs.
  • PE sessions will  focus on getting changed and following instructions
  • Wake and shake, where we will learn new songs
  • and lots more…

Home Learning: Check your Book bags for your child’s reading book and words. 

Phase 2 words




Frog Words                      Panda Words





Tiger Words                   Butterfly Words                  Phase 2 Bookmark     Phase 3 Bookmark


Phase 3 Words








Phonics Rainbow, including digraphs

and trigraphs.

Handwriting patterns   Greentrees Letter Formation

Maths packs  – these will be sent home after half term, in bookbags.

Have you used your the numicon to try ordering numbers?





Useful Links for Home:


Reading talk for parents October 2018 – Please come along to our reading talk for new parents at 1.10, on Tuesday 16th October 2018, before visiting your child’s class to see how they have settled into their new learning environment. 

Foundation Stage curriculum info:

Bug club website:


Phonics play:

Christmas 2018






Decorating the Christmas Tree in Treefrogs. We used a repeating pattern: Red, Gold, Red, Gold, Red, Gold






When we first started . . . Photos of our first weeks in school) September and October 2018:

Maths – measuring         PSED -Negotiating       EAD – Painting                UTW – Exploring            Litearcy – handwriting      Physical – large vehicles






Physical – Fine motor     Literacy-phonics fairy   C&L- Speaking                PSED – Self confidence     Maths – counting       EAD – performing                   

 Our photos show evidence of learning across all areas of learning.