Welcome to the Bushbucks’ Class Page!

Welcome to Bushbucks. We are a Year 4 class. Our teacher is Miss Church and our teaching assistant is Mrs Thomas.

This week’s news:

We will practise Maths and English skills on Monday and Tuesday of this week by making pizzas! This will involve measuring ingredients, reading and following recipes and writing evaluations of our final product. A letter has gone home explaining that all ingredients will be provided by the school but that we ask for children to bring in an apron, a tea towel and a named container on Monday 22nd October.

Our Gallery:

Learners of the Week:

Emelia – for writing an amazing poem

Chloe – for leading the class in a P.E warm-up

Daniel – for his fantastic knowledge of European countries

Alicja – for having a lovely attitude to learning and for a super pizza plan

Tyrone – for super progress in column addition

Gracie – for extra Maths practice at home and for having a super learning attitude

Carys, James and Jheanelle – for making an amazing Bushbuck animation

This Term’s Certificates:

Poppy – Gold

Adam – Gold

New Maths Passports:


New Pen Licences:


This Term in Bushbucks:

English: We begin this term by completing a unit of writing on poetry. We will learn how to include similes in our poetry writing and how to make effective use of adjective strings and alliteration. We conclude the term by writing a story with a historical setting using the structure of the Julia Donaldson book ‘The Magic Jigsaw’.

Maths: Our units of work in Maths this term are Place Value and Addition and Subtraction.

Science: Our topic for this term is States of Matter. We will learn how to define a solid, liquid and gases by considering the properties of the particles of each. We will also learn that materials can change their state and that this can either be reversible or irreversible. (New Vocabulary: solid, liquid, gas, particle, melting, freezing, solidifying, boiling, evaporation, condensation, The Water Cycle, precipitation and run off).

RE: We are learning about how different religions view God.

PSHE: Our Jigsaw topic this term is ‘Being Me in my World’.

History: We will learn about The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.

DT: We will plan, make and evaluate a pizza based on market research that we collect.

Music: Our Charanga unit this term is called ‘Mamma Mia’ and explores the works of ABBA.

PE: Our PE topics this term are Football and Gymnastics. Our PE lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please ensure you have your kit on these days.

Computing: Our learning is based again around ‘communicating’ this term. We will be making Bushbuck themed animations and then ‘collecting’ information in a database.

French: Each term we will learn some songs and rhymes and listen to some stories. We will continue to learn French sounds to help with our listening, speaking and writing. This term we will learn about the school and classroom objects, then school subject names, and how to express our preferences. We will also learn some more about Christmas celebrations.

Home Learning:

In Year 4, Home Learning is set every Monday and then must be handed in the following Monday for sharing and celebrating! Please see the link below for this term’s Home Learning choices:

Home Learning Autumn

Reading Related Activities:

The final date to hand in any Reading Related Activities that your child may have completed is: Monday 22nd October 2018.

Maths Passports:

We now have Maths Passport boxes in both Year 4 class rooms. It is our aim to check the box every day and look at one skill per pupil. Remember to put your passport in the box if there is something you feel you have achieved. Next to each skill, there are three columns to date (MM/YY). The first box is for the pupil to date when they think they have achieved the skill. The second box is for an adult at home to date when they have seen the child achieve this skill. The third box is for the teacher to use when they have verified that the skill has been achieved.

Below are some links that you might find useful to support your child at home:

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