Reach for the Stars…Strive to succeed

reach for the stars

Greentrees School’s Aims:


We will enable our pupils, regardless of aptitude and ability to become enthusiastic and resilient learners, who make good progress and achieve the most that they possibly can. We will set the highest possible targets for attainment and progress.
We will strive to ensure that attainment is high and that our children develop and apply skills very well, especially reading, writing, communication and maths. Our learners will be well prepared for their future. We will continually strive to put the five key outcomes of ‘Every Child Matters’ at the heart of our work

Quality of Teaching

Our teachers will demonstrate exemplary practice. They will have high expectations and will plan diligently to meet the needs of all pupils. Their careful assessment will enable appropriate intervention, support and challenge and will inform children how to improve.
Teachers and support staff will engender a sense of fun that motivates and enthuses. They will nurture pupils enabling them to become independent, curious and resilient learners. We will have a continually evolving education that develops, challenges and inspires all pupils preparing them for secondary school and the world ahead.No time is wasted.

Happiness (Behaviour and Safety)

Our pupils feel happy and safe because standards of behaviour are high. There is a climate of mutual trust and respect.
Respect and caring for one another is such a priority that it is a ‘way of life’ Bullying, harassment and prejudice of any kind is not tolerated.
There is a positive culture that supports good learning, play, friendship, understanding and tolerance. Children accept diversity. Our children can make informed decisions about how to keep themselves safe. We will provide a safe, clean and healthy environment that is conducive to exemplary learning.

Leadership and Management

All school leaders pursue a shared vision for excellence and encourage parents and pupils to engage with and support this vision. The school sets and achieves challenging, but realistic goals, based on rigorous and accurate self-evaluation and monitoring and through thorough planning for improvement.
The school enables the professional development of its staff, and strives to maximise the use of their expertise, skill and talents and has high expectations. The school’s curriculum underpins good learning and promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural developments through a range of exciting and motivating opportunities.
The curriculum enables pupils to thrive in a cohesive, multi-cultural and global society. We are respected for our culture of community cohesion. Our children are kept safe.