International Development

International Schools Award

Since 2004 we have been awarded the International Schools Award 4 times. The award is validated by the British Council through a rigorous independent evaluation process. This is an outstanding achievement for the school. The current award runs from 2014 to 2017. The award recognises the importance the school places on global education. It is awarded for outstanding development of the international dimension in the curriculum. The school has an international co-ordinator, Mr Picton, and a policy on international learning.

The international curriculum is absolutely key to our vision. Our vision states,“ Greentrees School is an innovative, international family where everyone matters.”

Over the last 11 years we have developed links with the following countries; Armenia, Canada, China, France, Italy, Norway, Singapore, USA and Zambia. Currently we have a very strong link with a school in France, a growing link with a school in China and a link with a school in Lusaka, Zambia (Chainda Primary School), which is used as an exemplar of outstanding practice in how to sustain a link. This link is now in its eleventh year. It has expanded to a cluster of 6 schools this year, 3 in Salisbury and three in Lusaka. We have yearly reciprocal visits to our Zambian link school. The children at Greentrees put the link with Chainda in their top ten things they like about my school.

The staff and pupils and parents are rightly proud of their commitment to international learning as shown through the International Schools Award.

‘The School has strong links with a range of other schools and benefits from the British Council Project to link pupils and teachers in Salisbury and Zambia.  This gives pupils an excellent grasp of the wider world and the lives of children elsewhere, and promotes tolerance well’

Ofsted Inspection report March 2015