Welcome to the Geckos Class Page

We are a Foundation Stage class with 30 children. Our Teacher is Mrs Patel and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Morrison and Mrs Wilkinson. Our page shows activities that we have been doing each month, which are included in our ongoing ‘Learning Journeys.’

This week in Geckos Class:  (Week beginning 11th June):

We have been revisiting the digraphs: sh ch th ng ai ee oa or ur oi ow and trigraphs igh ear, air and ure in phonics. These are all on the Rainbow alphabet which every child has in their bookbags.We have begun our phase 4 phonics and practiced spelling and reading CVCC words.  We now know how to form the following letters correctly: c o a d g q s f e r n m l i b p a h, k, u, v

In Literacy we have begun making our own books of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We have coloured, cut out and stuck all of the food that the caterpillar ate into our book.

In Maths we have been learning about symmetrical patterns and had a go at making our own.

This week we have begun practicing our races for Sports Day which is next week.

Outdoor learning is continuing again this term on Tuesdays. Please see the outdoor letter in bookbags.

All groups this term will be visiting the copse again and going for a walk.

We are very excited about our farm trip on the 4th July.

Please continue to use the Maths folders , with a set of Numicon and look for your new ‘mathletics’ password. Practise reading and spelling the words and sounds found in the Book bags.

Our Learner of the WeekAva for fantastic reading and spelling of her words.

Certificates given out this term: Lisette (Bronze Award).

Maths Passports given out this term: (Who will be the first to receive their Great Britain passport?)

We are looking forward to learning about the following things this Summer term:

  • Our topic about ‘Animals’ and ‘Growing.’
  • Outdoor learning, using the school grounds, the pond and walking in the local area.
  • Phonics: Recap all digraphs and trigraphs learnt so far and in term 6, begin consonant blends.
  • Reading and spelling words on our frog, panda, tiger, butterfly, fish, elephant, toucan, ladybird, caterpillar, zebra and bee cards.
  • Maths: Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, doubling, halving and sharing numbers and solving problems related to measuring in different ways.
  • Shop Role Play Area, including learning about money.
  • Programming Beebots.
  • Using ipads and laptops to develop our learning, across different areas.
  • PE sessions will now focus on street dance in term 5 and Games skills in term 6.
  • and lots more…

Home Learning: Check your Book bags and:

Please keep going with reading and spelling the words below: Which words are you on?

Phase 2 words: Frog, Panda, Tiger and Butterfly words.  Once children can read and spell these words then they get the phase 2 bookmark and start phase 3 words.




Phase 3 words: Elephant, Fish, Toucan and Ladybird words.  Once children can read and spell these words then they get the phase 3 bookmark and start phase 4 words.





Rainbow Sounds






Handwriting patterns   Greentrees Letter Formation

Maths packs  

Have you used your the numicon to try ordering numbers?





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Phonics play:

May/June 2018

We have enjoyed our science investigations using ramps as well as investigating which objects will float and sink.





We have enjoyed using our new stage and café role play area outside





We have really enjoyed using our new bug hunt area during outdoor learning.





March/April 2018

In our maths sessions we have been learning about subtraction





We have loved exploring with the snow and ice





We used thermometers to look at how the temperature of porridge changes and we enjoyed trying the porridge….it was yummy!





January/February 2018

We have been enjoying using the Magical Forest role play area!






Outdoor learning has been fun!










We have been cooking cheesecake in groups of 4 every Thursday.



December 2017

We have been enjoying taking part in lots of Christmas themed activities





November 2017

Outdoor Learning






We have been learning about the artist Mondrian and having a try at colour mixing using the primary colours.










When we first started . . . (September and October 2017) 

Communication and Language

Expressive Art and Design



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Understanding the World