We are a Year 1 class with 30 children.  Our Teachers are Mrs Suzanne Judd and Mrs Hailey Edmonds. Our Teaching  Assistants are Mrs Dawn Lancaster and Mrs Helen Mayers. Mrs Judd teaches the class Monday to Thursday and Mrs Edmonds teaches on Fridays.  Our page shows activities that we have been doing each month.

This month in Lemurs’ Class: (Month beginning: 4th December 2017) We have been exploring subtraction and the difference, the children have been using the bar method and demonstrating their understanding pictorially.

In our phonics sessions we have been learning the alternate ‘E’ sounds including ea, ee, ey & y and we will be moving on to look at the split digraph e_e.

In English we have been sequencing the Nativity story linking to our coming performances (December 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th). We shall be using this knowledge to write a version of the Nativity. In the final part of this term we are going to do some learning based on the story ‘Father Christmas Needs a Wee’ by the author Nicholas Allan. We shall be writing speech bubbles from the point of view of Father Christmas.

Our Learner of the Week this week is: Theo M, for being reflective in his explaining of his maths.

Team Point Certificates given out this term: Harry Tomlinson

Mathletics Certificates given out this term: Patch, Dylan

We are looking forward to learning about the following things in the Spring term:

  • In English we shall be looking at books by the authors Alan Ahlberg & Colin McNaughton.
  • In phonics we shall continue to practise segmenting and blending words containing adjacent consonants and learnt digraphs. We shall be learning Phase 5 split digraphs and the alternative ways of making the sounds already taught e.g. the ‘A’ sound can be made using the digraphs ai, ay, a_e, ey & eigh.
  • In Maths we shall be developing our coin recognition and understanding the values, as well as using money in role play situations in order to add and subtract amounts and find the corresponding coins.
  • In Science we will continue to focus on materials and we shall be investigating the best materials to wrap the Lighthouse Keepers lunch (a story that we shall be sharing with the children).

Home Learning: Christmas Traditions from around the world.

The children’s home learning for the next two weeks is to research another country and how they celebrate Christmas. This learning is to be presented in the final week of term.

Useful Links for Home:

KS1 curriculum Link: https://www.gov.uk/education/primary-curriculum-key-stage-1

Bug club website: https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Mathletics: http://uk.mathletics.com/primary

Phonics play: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/