We are a Year 1 class with 30 children.  Our Teachers are Mrs Suzanne Judd and Mrs Hailey Edmonds. Our Teaching  Assistants are Mrs Dawn Lancaster and Mrs Helen Mayers. Mrs Judd teaches the class Monday to Thursday and Mrs Edmonds teaches on Fridays.  Our page shows activities that we have been doing each month.

This term in Lemur’s Class:

In Maths we shall be exploring fractions by finding halves and quarters of both shapes and quantities. The children will be folding 2D shapes and sharing equally between groups of two and four. We shall also be looking at the clock face and learning O’clock and half past times. The children will be naming the two hands on an analogue clock and showing the time on hand-held clocks. To add to this we shall also be exploring weight, measure and volume in the later weeks of the school term.

In phonics we shall continue to practise segmenting and blending words containing adjacent consonants and learnt digraphs. We shall be learning Phase 5 split digraphs and the alternative ways of making the sounds already taught e.g. the ‘E’ sound can be made using the digraphs ee, ea, e-e, ie, y and ey. We will be moving onto Phase 6 and learning spelling patterns such as dge and augh as well as learning plurals and the suffixes er, ed, ing and est.

In English we shall be exploring dragon poems and stories. We shall be looking in particular at the Charlie Stinky Socks stories for these stories link with our topic about homes and castles. The children will be writing their own stories and poems as well as writing information texts about castles.

In Science we will be exploring the school environment and looking for animal habitats. We shall also be categorising animals into herbivores, carnivores & omnivores. Towards the end of the school year we shall complete our year long enquiry, we have been tracking seasonal change by studying a lime tree in the school grounds.

Our topic this term is Homes and Castles. We shall be making shields and building model castles. We have two school trips planned this term; on Tuesday 26th June we shall be visiting the Salisbury Museum; on Tuesday 10th July we shall be walking to Old Sarum Castle ruins, year 5 classes will  be coming too. Please check your child’s book bag for further information in the coming weeks. We will be creating a castle role play area in Lemurs’ Class.

Our Learner of the Week last week was: Amelia for her fantastic Science work on the pond and the frog life cycle.

Team Point certificates given out this term: Ruby-Mae and Theo W (Bronze).

Mathletics Certificates given out this term:  Patch was our first Mathletics Certificate  this term (Silver) well done.

Home Learning

On Thursday 14th June we shall be designing and beginning to make a knight’s shield. We need every child to bring a cut out cardboard shield shape to school. We need the children to discuss the things that they consider important to them which couls be represented on their shield. Please do not make your shield at home. For more information please view home learning book.

Useful Links for Home:

KS1 curriculum Link: https://www.gov.uk/education/primary-curriculum-key-stage-1

Bug club website: https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Mathletics: https://uk.mathletics.com/primary

Phonics play: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

In Spanish we have been learning about our family, pets and will be carrying out a spotter activity to explore the Spanish words for the signs of Spring. We carried out a spotter survey of Spanish Springtime signs – have a go at saying the Spanish words for blossom, bird and nest.

We have been enjoying our role play area the pirate ship ‘The Laughing Lemur’. (TGIF Topic this term)

We have used manual dexterity skills to ‘walk the plank’, dig for treasure and dress up as pirates.We have used our communication skills to role play with our friends and have used phonics to write pirate messages to each other. Our sensory skills have been in full action both on the notice board with our sandpaper island and shells, drop down map and in the sand box searching with our fingertips for shells, jewels and pirate loot! Our mathematics skills have been challenged in the area too as Lemurs have been counting buried objects and also resources around the classroom. We have been designing our own treasure maps and using co-ordinates to find where the loot may be hidden! We have written pirate stories, messages in bottles and have even tried our hand at word searches. We have had fun this term. Enjoy your holiday and when we come back we will be learning about ‘Castles’ and’ Charlie Stinky Socks’.

We have made our own treasure maps using tea staining and co-ordinates – complete with an ‘x’ marks the spot of our buried treasure. We also have our very own pirate names.