Welcome to the lemurs’ Class Page.

We are a year 1 class.  Our Teacher is Mrs Suzanne Judd (Monday to Thursday) and Mrs Hailey Edmonds (Friday) and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Dawn Lancaster.

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February / March 2017

  • This term in English we will be learning about instructions & studying a variety of children’s authors.
  • The children will be introduced to all of the Phase 5 digraphs &  will be reading lots of real and non-words.
  • In Maths we will be leaning to halve and double shapes and numbers, we will be using number lines and hundred squares to help us understand place value & continuing to learn to tell the time to the hour and half hour.
  • In Science we are learning about ourselves and investigating our senses.
  • Geography will include walking the local area &  investigating the school pond.
  • Our History will be linked to Mrs Judd’s visit to Zambia, the children will be learning about David Livingstone the famous Victorian explorer.
  • P.E is gymnastics indoors, the children will be developing their skills on the low apparatus and wall bars.
  • Please continue to use Bug Club   https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0  and Mathletics  https://community.mathletics.com/signin//student at home to support your child’s learning.

    We use Numicon to help us to build teen numbers.








  • We made a display about lemurs.

We always enjoy sharing stories and talking about characters.

In the copse we found some questions about traditional tales.


We enjoyed dressing up as Victorian children and learning about their lives.


We are taking part in the Golden Mile to improve our fitness.

Street dance keeps us active and it is fun to do!



We were set a challenge to build a bridge from card and paper spanning 30cm to support 15 cubes.


We have been looking for signs of spring and we saw some hawthorn blossom near the pond.








The pond was full of new life including tadpoles.







We found some water buttercups blooming in the pond they were much bigger than the ones we see growing on our school field.