Welcome to Spiders’ Class Page.

Our teacher is Miss Hannah Mansell and our teaching Assistant is Mrs Charlie Boardman.

Topic: This term, our topic is all about The Maya Civilisation. We will be learning about their beliefs, their ancient number system, tales and myths from the time as will as other exciting discoveries!

English: In English, we are using the traditional folktales and myths from The Maya Civilisation to inspire our own story writing. We will also be busy working hard on reading comprehension, particularly our inference skills. In SPAG, we will be revising what we have learnt so far and revisiting the past and present progressive tense.

Maths: In maths, we will be analysing, creating and presenting data in different ways, focusing on pie charts and line graphs. We also will be exploring some algebra! We continue with our hard work on our arithmetic skills.

Science: In science, we have been learning about forces. We will be exploring this through conducting lots of experiments!

Art: In art, we will be looking at art from The Maya Civilisation and will be weaving.

TGIF: In TGIF (Thinking Good Ideas on a Friday) we are exploring the world through books and will be with a different teacher each week.  In Spiders Class, we are looking at folktales from Africa, creating our own storyboards as well as baking some traditional African biscuits!

RE: We will be studying the religion of Christianity and looking at The Easter Story and other ways in which religion celebrate and mark significant events.

PE: In PE, we will be taking part in some circuit training, which we call Bootcamp! On Thursday’s , we are also lucky enough to be doing Street Dance this term.

Home Learning: Every Monday, an arithmetic paper is sent home. This is due in on Thursday. Please try to spend 30 minutes a week on maths homework. If the arithmetic paper is finished within this time, tasks are available on Mathletics (see link below) to help consolidate what we have been learning in class. SPAG.com also has lots of useful exercises which are set weekly.


Grammar Section from the 2014 English National Curriculum

Spelling Section from the 2014 National Curriculum

Interim teacher assessment frameworks at the end of KS2



Our visit from The Fire and Rescue Service!

Some of our baking during TGIF!