Welcome to the Parrots’ Class Page

We are a Year 3 class.  Our teacher is Mrs Maria Wood and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Smith and Mrs Godden.


What’s been happening?

We were busy last term finding out how to make a short video using different types of shots, writing an adventure story, looking at script writing and learning about time and fractions.  This term we are going to turn our story into a script and make a film!  We will also be looking at developing our numeric skills by looking at division.  I’m sure it will be another busy term and I hope we will have lots of fun.

Learner of the Week: Alfie Western


New Maths Passports:




Good Manners:



Our Theme for the Spring term is…

We are going to link this to many areas of our learning to our theme this term:

EnglishWe are writing poems about city life.

MathsWe are recording and collecting noise data.

ScienceWe are looking at plant life in cities.

ComputingWe are looking at the impact of social media on our lives.

GeographyWe are looking at changes from the Stone Age to now.

HistoryWe are looking at changes from the Stone Age to now.

Music We are looking at and performing some hip hop songs.

ArtWe are looking at street art.


Home Learning:

Fantastic Filmmakers Display Board:


Maths Passports

Please try to spend some time with your child filling in their passport (you sign the middle column) if you think they can do one of the items on the list.  I am gradually working my way through them at school so there will be new passports being given out on occasion in assembly.