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We are a Year 6 class.  Our teachers are Mrs Carla Sladen and Mrs Helen Cole and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rainsley.


In Term 3, we will start off by listening to and analysing radio adverts as we will be looking at persuasive writing. Our English skills will also link into our topic of South America. Because of this, later on in the term, we will be researching into the rainforests of South America and looking at their sustainability and the threats these environments face in the future. We will be writing a persuasive letter outlining these details to try and stop the rainforest from being destroyed in future years.


 In maths, the theme of fractions continues although this term, we will be learning to understand how fractions link to decimals and percentages. We will be learning how to order a mixture of fractions, decimals and percentages as we will understand how convert between the three. We will also be looking at how to find percentages of numbers and amounts and learning how to apply this to a word problem. Here are some examples:

  1. Calculate 55% of 640
  2. 20% of the children in a sports club play tennis. 25% of the children who play tennis also play rounders. There are 8 children in the club who play both tennis and rounders. How many children are there in the sports club altogether?
  3. 20% of Megan’s number is 64. What is 50% of Megan’s number?
  4. Here are three questions and answers about bananas.

How much of the money each person pays for bananas in one year goes to the growers?








Electricity! We will be learning to understand where electricity comes from and how to create a simple electrical circuit. We will also be representing these circuits in diagrams and will learn how to make a lamp brighter in a circuit. In one lesson, we will even pretend to be an electrical current!


In RE, we will be learning all about The Five Pillars of Islam.


Our Jigsaw topic this term is ‘Celebrating Difference’.


Our geography topic is ‘South America’.  We will be locating, identifying and labelling the countries in South America and studying the land features in the continent. Lots of our learning will be about the rainforests of South America and investigating the effects of deforestation and what we can do to help.


Our Art this term will take inspiration from a South American artist, Beatrice Milhazes. We will be researching a little more about her life and studying some of her works. Then, we will have the opportunity to create our own interpretation of a Beatrice Milhazes piece.


We will be using our Music Scheme of Work, Chiranga.


Our PE topics this term are Tag Rugby, Netball and Quad Kids Athletics. Our PE days are Monday’s and Thursday’s. Please have your kit on these days and ensure that it is weather appropriate – we will go outside as much as we can!


Our learning is based around using technology safely.




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Home Learning


Children will be set Matheltics tasks each week and from January, children will also be sent home with an arithmetic paper each week. These will be set on a Wednesday, with an expectation that these will be completed (and brought into school) the following Wednesday. It is important that children continue to learn and consolidate their knowledge of multiplication and division facts.


Every Monday, children are sent home with a reading comprehension to complete. The expectation is that this should be finished and brought into school on Thursday. It is imperative that the children have their homework on this day as we go through it together and without it, they are unable to join in properly with this valuable learning process.

In terms of reading, the children should be reading 5 times a week for a minimum of 10 minutes a time. We encourage children to read with their parents or trusted adult to ensure that their reading is accurate. Please ask children questions about the text they have been reading – this will help them so much! Please sign their homework diary each time they read.

Each child has been given a login for where a range of activities will be set for the children each week. Again, these will also be set on a Wednesday and need to be completed by the following Wednesday.

Home Learning Autumn 2