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Welcome to Impalas. We are a Year 4 class. Our teacher is Mrs Blake and our teaching assistant is Mrs Webber.

This week’s news:

In Maths this week, we will be consolidating this term’s learning by assessing what areas we are confident with and developing the areas that we need to.  In English, we begin a new unit of writing based around letters.  We will explore that letters have differing levels of formality and we will learn the conventions of setting out a formal letter compared to a less formal one.  Our spelling focus this week is using the -ly or -ally suffix to turn adjectives ending in ‘y’, ‘le’ or ‘ic’ into adverbs e.g. happy = happily; gentle = gently and scientific = scientifically.

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Learner of the Week:

Jack – for trying Mastery tasks in Maths.

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Jack S – Asia

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This Term in Impalas:

English: We begin this term with a unit of writing on stories with dilemmas. We will learn that story openings normally include dialogue, action or description (DAD) and we will therefore practise writing in these ways. We conclude the term by writing letters to a range of audiences, both formal and less formal.

Maths: Our units of work in Maths this term are Statistics and Geometry: Position and Direction.

Science: Our topic for this term is Forces. We will explore that forces work in pairs; that Gravity is a pull force which keeps things on the Earth’s crust; that Friction is a force which can be both useful and a hindrance and we will investigate gears, levers and pulleys (New Vocabulary: forces, push, pull, gravity, friction, air resistance, surface area, lever, gear and pulleys).

RE: We are learning about the Holy Buildings belonging to different religions.

PSHE: Our Jigsaw topic this term is ‘Changing Me’.

Geography: We will learn about our local area and how this has changed in recent years. We plan to conduct field work within the estate based on traffic.

Music: Our Charanga unit this term is called ‘Lean on Me’ and explores the works of Bill Withers.

PE: Our PE topics this term are Rounders and Street Dance. Our PE lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please ensure you have your kit on these days.

Computing: Our learning is based again around ‘connecting’ this term. We begin by exploring ‘copyright’ rules. We hope to compose databases and then interpret them. We conclude the year by contributing to a class blog.

In Year 4, Home Learning is set every Monday and then must be handed in the following Monday for sharing and celebrating! Please see the link below for this term’s Home Learning choices:

Year 4 Home Learning Summer Term

Reading Related Activities:

The final date to hand in any Reading Related Activities that your child may have completed is: Monday 16th July.

Maths Passports:

We now have Maths Passport boxes in both Year 4 class rooms. It is our aim to check the box every day and look at one skill per pupil. Remember to put your passport in the box if there is something you feel you have achieved. Next to each skill, there are three columns to date (MM/YY). The first box is for the pupil to date when they think they have achieved the skill. The second box is for an adult at home to date when they have seen the child achieve this skill. The third box is for the teacher to use when they have verified that the skill has been achieved.

Please click on the links below to view the National Curriculum guidelines for English and Maths.

Spelling section from the 2014 English National Curriculum

Grammar section from the 2014 English National Curriculum

Year 4 Maths 2014 National Curriculum

Link to Mathletics

Here are some links to support the Reading Related Activity tasks: