Welcome to the Bushbucks’ Class Page!

Welcome to Bushbucks. We are a Year 4 class. Our teacher is Miss Church and our teaching assistant is Miss Butcher.

This week’s news:

In Maths this week, we are learning to solve problems, making sure that we are logical and systematic so that we find all possibilities. In English, we will continue to read and discuss a range of stories where characters face a dilemma or a tricky choice. We will explore the ways that authors begin a story using DAD or Description, Action, Dialogue. This will allow us the opportunity to practise our speech punctuation, our descriptive writing and the use of powerful verbs and adverbs. We will also explore the build up section of story writing and learn that power of three sentences can help to build action when writing which is useful when composing this part of a story.

Our Gallery:


Celebrating our success at the Mini Marathon


Bushbucks counting traffic in the sunshine

Learner of the Week:

Levi – For investigating shoes so thoroughly in DT: “I was happy to be Learner of the Week for my DT because I was proud of that piece of learning.

This Term’s Certificates:

JP – Silver

Alexandra – Super Gold

New Maths Passports:

Alex – North America

Reuban – Africa

JP – Asia

This Term in Bushbucks:

English: We are writing stories with dilemmas and then we plan to use information that we gain from collecting data about the local area in a letter writing unit of work in the later weeks of this term.

Maths: We are developing our understanding of tenths and hundredths by using fractions and decimals; we will learn how to be systematic when solving problems; we will find rules for number patterns and sequences; we plan to explore and work with a range of units of mass, capacity and volume and finally we will consolidate our number facts by applying them to calculating the area and perimeter of shapes.

Science: Our topic for this term is Forces. We will learn that forces work in pairs. We will explore the effects of friction; learn about gravity and investigate attraction and repulsion in magnets.

RE: We are learning about worship in different religions and why this is important.

PSHE: Our Jigsaw topic this term is ‘Changing Me’.

Geography: We plan to use fieldwork to collect information about the local area and then to share our findings in a variety of different ways.

DT: We will be exploring shoes. Our topic will culminate in the planning, making and evaluating of a pair of shoes suitable for the needs of a Roman Emperor. We hope that our creations will be available for you to view at our forthcoming event ‘Night at the Museum’.

Music: We are using a new Scheme of Work for Music this term called Charanga and our topic focuses on developing our musical vocabulary.

PE: Our PE topics this term are Rounders and Street Dance. Our PE lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please ensure you have your kit on these days.

Computing: Our learning is based around how technology can be used ‘to connect’ us with others this term.

Home Learning:

In Year 4, Home Learning is set every Monday and then must be handed in the following Monday for sharing and celebrating! Please see the link below for this term’s Home Learning choices.

Year 4 Home Learning Summer Term

Maths Passports:

We now have Maths Passport boxes in both Year 4 class rooms. It is our aim to check the box every day and look at one skill per pupil. Remember to put your passport in the box if there is something you feel you have achieved. Next to each skill, there are three columns to date (MM/YY). The first box is for the pupil to date when they think they have achieved the skill. The second box is for an adult at home to date when they have seen the child achieve this skill. The third box is for the teacher to use when they have verified that the skill has been achieved.

Below are some links that you might find useful to support your child at home:

Spelling section from the 2014 English National Curriculum

Grammar section from the 2014 English National Curriculum

Year 4 Maths 2014 National Curriculum

Link to Mathletics