Bastille Day

On Friday 14th July we celebrated Bastille Day.. Many children came to school in the colours Blue, White and Red of the French Flag. Guest of honour for the day was Mme. Cécile Noel, Head teacher of École Les Châtaigniers in La Suze Sur Sarthe, our link school.

At the start of the day the children enjoyed a show by the one man ‘Compagnie Tête- à- Tête’ called the “Café de Dan Ro – Ro”, including mime, juggling, plate spinning and other hilarious magic tricks. This was almost entirely in French with plenty of audience participation.

After this, the children then went on to various activities including finding out a little more of the history of Bastille Day and learning to sing Frère Jacques in a round. They also had a chance to meet Cécile and find out more about their pen-friends and life in France.

It was a fun way to round of another successful year of learning in French.