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As part of the national curriculum, children are expected to learn about and contribute to online blogs. You can read what we have been learning about below:

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By Mr. Thomas / 7th February 2018

Open Blog

Today your challenge is to write your own blog post. Think about what you want to write about... These are...

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Year 3
By Mr. Thomas / 31st January 2018

What is ‘The Internet’?

Watch this video and write in your own words, how the internet works.

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Year 3
By Mr. Thomas / 22nd January 2018

Copyright and Fair Use

This week I would like you to think about copyright and fair use, watch this video and write your explanation...

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Year 3
By Mr. Thomas / 15th January 2018

Internet Safety

Watch this video and then write what you think Internet Safety is all about...

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Year 3
By Mr. Thomas / 8th January 2018

What is a blog?

Below can you write what your understanding of a blog is. Why do we have them and why are they...

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Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
By Mr. Thomas / 4th January 2018

Understanding Blogs

Click 'Read More' below to watch the video and think about how you might contribute to a blog. 

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